I rarely watch movies from Hong Kong these days but one of the films that I was most looking forward to in 2021 was “Anita” The Movie (梅艷芳). For most Chinese, Anita Mui was a superstar in Cantopop but anyone from Hong Kong would appreciate this film more than anyone else – the time she rose into fame to the time she passed away from cancer was the golden years in Hong Kong….

I was nearly in tears every time I saw a trailer or another short clip introducing the film, and I managed to get a ticket to watch it in the cinema in London in November 2021. I thought I’d be crying like mad whilst watching the film (as it would have brought back a lot of memories from my teens and twenties) but somehow I managed to suppress the tears most of the way. Still, a really good film but you have to be a HongKonger or a witness of part of this history to appreciate all the details in this film.

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